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Trunking System 

Material: UPVc and Polypropylene

Main Advantages & Benefits:


  •  Can be used horizontally and vertically.

  •  Wipe clean surface, resists stains.

  •  Can be painted or papered over.

  •  Unique clips ensure there is no slipping of the trunking.

  •  Fire retardant.

  •  UV Rated so will not fade in direct sunlight.

  •  Impact modified, will not shatter, making it easy to trim with a knife or saw to required length.

  •  Made in the UK.

  •  Single covers available which are ideal for gas pipes.

  •  System has been in the market for nearly 20 years and is specified by a number of Councils & FM 


  •  Cost Effective solution to covering unsightly pipe work.

Fixing Method:

In general, central heating system pipes are classed as a “light” fixing. 5.5mm red plugs and a No.8 gauge screw are normally sufficient to secure the clips in this situation. Ensure the screw is long enough to pass through the pipe clip and fully expand the full length of the fixing plug. The trunking is then placed over the clip and physically pressed in to the pipe clip until it is heard to “snap” into place. 

Trunking Range 



  •  Available in 15mm & 22mm Single 2.5m lengths.

  •  Available in 8/10mm, 15mm & 22mm Double 2.5m lengths.

  •  Full range of single and double pipe clips available.

  •  Joining pieces and end caps available for 8/10mm range.

  •  Full range corners, joining pieces and end caps available for the15mm & 22mm double cover                 range.

  •  Also available in 3 metre lengths on request.

DO’S and DON’T’s



  •  DO NOT use in an overhead application.

  •  DO use 5 pipe clips per length of trunking.

  •  DO ensure trunking is “snapped” into the pipe clips.

All specifications are illustrative only and do not constitute recommendations by the manufacturers. Users must satisfy themselves as to the correct product and specification required. The manufacturers do not accept any liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

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