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About Us

Our Mission Statement


FM PRODUCTS’ mission statement is: "To provide our customers with direct access to a British manufacturer of a tried and tested, high quality, good value, reliable range of products. Our products will always be about quality and we will be uncompromising in our principles to give a second to none service in terms of packaging, delivery, trade knowledge and after sales support. To continually develop and improve our people, our products and our service and establish lasting relationships with our customers." We manufacture our own range of Pipe Clips and Cable Clips.

Our Vision

To grow and develop a business, from scratch, to be the primary supplier in its chosen market in the UK. A business that supports British based manufacturing businesses, that supplies British made products, that uses primarily British sourced raw materials, that gives fair profit for the owners, provides a good margin opportunity for its customers and is a rewarding place to work for its employees. A business that is considered by its customers to be a trusted ally and business partner.


Who we are


The creation of FM PRODUCTS has brought together a team of six people.


  • The sales and operational side of the business comprises a team of four people with over 100 years combined experience of sales, marketing, customer service and logistics, with businesses such as Unifix, A P Technik, and Wolseley UK, in supplying similar products to customers in the construction and merchant / distribution markets.

  • The manufacturing side of the business comprises a management team of two people with over 96 years combined experience in the manufacture of plastic products in the UK for businesses such as Unifix, A P Technik, and Wolseley UK.

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