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An industry first, the Tacwise Combi Cable Tacker

is the tool of choice for many professionals.

Bringing speed, comfort and precision to

cable tacking, these high impact tools benefit

from a new advanced system for recoil-less actions and have plenty of safety features.

Allowing you to use one tool in place of two.

The combi cable tacker will drive both CT45 and CT60 staples without the need for adjustment.

With the reduced weight taking the strain out of larger fixing jobs.



Code     Description                                     Qty 


C907    Combi Tacker                                     1


P907 Combi Tacker
P907 Combi Tacker

P907 Combi Tacker
P907 Combi Tacker




For use with Rapesco Staple



Round Staples




Code     Description                                                  Box Qty


C902    CT45 10mm Galvanised    (5 x 1000)               5000

C903    CT45 10mm White             (5 x 1000)               5000

C904    CT60 14mm Galvanised    (5 x 1000)               5000

C905    CT60 14mm White             (5 x 1000)                5000

C906    CT60 14mm Black              (5 x 1000)                5000