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FM Pipe Clip Accessories

Support Posts Unifix


 - Use with open and clip lock

   pipe clips.

 - Use with lagging up to 30mm.



Code    Description             Box Qty


P400    15mm White               100

P401    22mm White               100    

Pipe Clip Reducer Unifix


 - Turns a 22mm double pipe

   clip into a 15/22mm double

   pipe clip.

 - Ideal when running 2 pipes of                    different diameter.


Code    Description               Box Qty


P402    22.0mm to 15.0mm       100




 Support Post Unifix


 - Use with Clip-Link Clips

 - Use with lagging up to 30mm.



Code    Description             Bag Qty


P615    15 and 22mm White 100

P618    15 and 22mm Black  100




 - Cover unsightly pipework with                      a range of White and Chrome                  wrap around sleeves.



Code    Description                        Pack Qty


R500    15mm x 200mm White                 10

R501    15mm x 200mm Chrome             10 R502    15mm x 1000mm Chrome             3

R503    15mm x 1000mm White                 3

Link Spacer Unifix


 Used to set space between clips


Code    Description               Bag Qty


P619    Link Spacer                  100




Radiator Tail Kits



 Cover unsightly pipework with a range of          Black and Anthracite wrap around sleeves.

Each Kit contains 2 x 18mm Collars and 2 x 200mm sleeves



Code    Description                        Pack Qty


R510    15mm x 200mm Anthracite              2

R511    15mm x 200mm Black                       2

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