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PVC Tape


Manufactured to BS3924 flame

retardant standard.

This professional quality tape is

designed for insulation of electrical


Available in a full range of British standard colours.


Code     Description               Pack Qty


T800    19mm x 33M Black           10

T801    19mm x 33M White          10

T802    19mm x 33M Red              10

T803    19mm x 33M Blue             10

T804    19mm x 33M Green          10

T805    19mm x 33M Yellow         10

T806    19mm x 33M                      10


T807    19mm x 33M Grey            10

T808    19mm x 33M Brown         10

T815    50mm x 33M Black             3

T821    50mm x 33M Yellow           3



Masking Tape


Multi Purpose masking tape

usedfor painting, bundling and



 - Good instant grab.

 - Will remove easily on most surfaces.



Code     Description               Qty


T812    24mm x 50M                 1

T813    48mm x 50M                 1

Self Amalgamating Tape


For emergency repairs and

electrical sealing. This tape will

form a waterproof layer over

burst hoses and pipes.


 - Will totally seal electric wires and            cables from water ingress.


Code     Description               Qty


T811    19mm x 10M Black        1


X-Treme Tape


No Adhesive. Fuses only to itself

Won't melt up to +260° C

Remains flexible to -54°C

Air & Water tight seal

Tensile strength of 600 psi

Insulates to 400 Volts/Mil


Code     Description               Qty


X100B    25mm x 3M Black      1

Duct Tape


Single sided cloth tape.


 - The worlds most used self

   adhesive tape.

 - Based on a waterproof backing.

 - High grab adhesive.

 - For internal and external use.



Code     Description                 Qty 


T809   50mm x 50M Silver           1

T810   50mm x 50M Black           1

Gas Warning Tape


Adhesive identifying tape.









Code     Description               Qty


T817   38mm x 66M                  1



Aluminium Foil Tape


A soft, comfortable aluminium foil which meets class 'O' rating.


 - Used widely in the marketplace.

 - Protects against the effects of fire,           dust and moisture.

 - Also used in the HVAC market for           closing rigid air duct insulation.


Code     Description                Qty 


T814    50mm x 47.5M                1

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