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Dust Sheet 


 - 100% Cotton Twill

 - 12' x 9'

 - Reusable ideal for protecting

   furniture etc.



Code     Description                        Qty 


E140    12 x 9 Dust Sheet                  1

Protector Dust Sheet


 - Polythene backed.

 - Medium Protection.

 - Anti Slip.

 - Dual protection against dust

   and spills.


Code     Description                           Qty 


E141    6 x 3 Mini Protector Sheet        1


Rubble Sacks                  


Very strong rubble sacks.

Blue 400g.

Size: 20" x 31"


Code     Description                    Box Qty 


E170   Rubble Sacks (10)                    10


Multi Wipes


Specifically formulated for

cleaning oils, silicones, paint,

grease, foams etc.


Code     Description                    Box Qty 


E150    Heavy Duty Wipes (100)          6




Tough, longer lasting webbed

abrasive, waterproof.



Code     Description                                Pack Qty


E130    Cleanfit 5M Roll (Med)                           1

E131    Cleanfit Mini Strips 10pk (Med)         10   

E132    Cleantex Mini Pads 5pk (Green)          5

Carpet & Surface Protector



 Lightweight rolls

 Tear & puncture resistant 

 100% Waterproof

  Forward wound

  Fire rated.


Code     Description                                       Box Qty 


C700   25M x 600mm   Carpet Clear                    8

C701   50M x 600mm   Carpet Clear                    1

C703   25M x 600mm   Hard Surface Pink          8

C705   100M x 600mm Hard Surface Pink          1

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