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All accessories are made from heat resistant polypropylene, which withstands the temperature changes in central heating systems.

Pipe Clip Reducer

Basically used to reduce a 22mm pipe clip to a 15mm pipe clip. It is mainly used in a double 22mm pipe clip to reduce one side to a 15mm clip when used in a run of two pipes where one pipe is a 22mm pipe and the other is a 15mm pipe. 

Pipe Collars

Used to give a quick, low cost cover around a pipe which has been passed through a wall, ceiling or floor where the hole needs to be hidden. They are also used as a decorative finish in cubicles, on partitioning and around chrome pipe which is becoming more popular for example on many modern radiators and plumbing systems:


  • Available sizes in white are: 10mm, 15mm, 22mm & 28mm

  • Available sizes in Chromed finish: 10mm, 15mm & 22mm

Pipe Clip Support Posts

Used in conjunction with single Clip Lock or Open pipe clips they snap in at the bottom of the clip and effectively lift the clip by 25mm. This allows for lagging to be fitted around the pipe in accordance with byelaws introduced regarding minimum thicknesses of lagging that must be used. Support posts can be stacked to accommodate thicker lagging. Ensure a fixing screw is used that can pass through the pipe clip, the support post and then fully expand the length of the fixing plug.


  • Available sizes in white are: 15mm & 22mm 

Coloured Clip Lock Pipe Clips

Used to indicate the contents of piping. The red clip indicates hot water; the blue clip indicates cold water and the yellow clip indicates gas. Becoming more popular as a specified item in domestic properties as an aid to the lay person when confronted with many pipes that have unknown contents. They are also useful on larger properties where the piping is a greater distance from the source of its contents. 



All specifications are illustrative only and do not constitute recommendations by the manufacturers. Users must satisfy themselves as to the correct product and specification required. The manufacturers do not accept any liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused. 



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