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Clip Link Trunking

FM Products provides the perfect solution to covering unsightly pipes with a system that is elegant, easy to fit and suitable for horizontals, vertical and skirting applications. Covering a range of sizes, from 10mm 28mm the external quality, U.V rated, shatter-resistant PVCu cover guarantees long term performance and safety and provides a cost effective method of obtaining a highly professional finish. 


The cover can be tiled, painted of papered over to match the decor if so required. 


Installation is simple. Screw clips to the wall, secure pipes and snap on the brilliant white cover. The advantages that FM Products' trunking provide, makes it ideal for use in Local Authorities, Housing Associations and any refurbishment programmes where time, money and performance are prerequisites. All items are ex-stock and supplied in 3.0M lengths as standard.

Single Trunking


Code      Description      Pack Qty


T600      15mm                       12


T601      22mm                       12

T602      28mm                       12





Double Trunking


Code     Description        Pack Qty 


T603    10mm                       12


T604     15mm                      12


T605     22mm                      12



Trunking  Accessories

Swept Bend


Code     Description      Pack Qty


T636     10mm                        1



Code     Description     Pack Qty


T634     15mm                      1

T635     22mm                      1

Vent Plug

Code     Description      Pack Qty

T632      20mm                      10

T633      70mm                      10 


 Inner Corners



Code     Description        Pack Qty


T610      10mm                         2

T611      15mm                       10

T612      22mm                       10

 Outer Corners



Code     Description        Pack Qty


T613      10mm                         2

T614      15mm                       10

T615      22mm                       10

Straight Connectors



Code     Description        Pack Qty


T619      10mm                         2

T620      15mm                       10

T621      22mm                       10

Flat Corners



Code     Description        Pack Qty


T616     10mm                         2

T617     15mm                       10

T618     22mm                       10

Top Access



Code     Description        Pack Qty


T628      15mm                       10

T629       22mm                      10

Side Access



Code     Description        Pack Qty


T630      15mm                     10

T631       22mm                    10

Stop Ends



Code     Description        Pack Qty

T622       15mm Single           10

T623       22mm Single           10

T624       28mm Single           10

T625       10mm Double           2 

T626       15mm Double         10 

T627       22mm Double         10




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