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Fire-Rated Products

Fire-Rated Cable Clips          


Clips are fully certified to satisfy legislative requirements to

secure all surface cable in escape routes.


When used with Wall Dog Screws they can securley hold bundles of cables on a surface at 930c for at least 2 hours




Code     Description        Fits Trunking Width            Bag Qty 


C450      Small 23mm                25 - 30mm                         100

C451      Mediuml 31mm            40mm                                 50

C452      Large 46mm                  50mm                                 50

Wall Dog Screws


Used to fix directly to masonry.

No plug required.

Works direct into Timber, Soft Block

and plsterboard


Certified for use with Fire-Rated Clips




Code     Description                      Box Qty 


S202      6.5 x 32mm                            100


Wall Dog SDS Drill Bits          


Correct size SDS Drill Bits to

ensure correct diameter hole

for Fire-Rated Cable Clip



Code     Description                            Qty 


S621    4.0 x 160mm SDS                        1 

S621    5.0 x 160mm SDS*                        1                  

* Use larger diameter for harder concrete

Stainless Steel Cable Ties        


Complies with fire regulations.


Safety Cable Ties



Code     Description                     Pack Qty 


C442    100mm x 4.6mm                    100

C440    200mm x 4.6mm                    100

C441    300mm x 4.6mm                    100

Stainless Steel Cable Tie     Cutter and Tensioner        



For Stainless steel cable

ties up to 4.8mm


Code       Description           Each


C460        Cable Tie Cutter         1


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