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Assorted Kits

O - Rings


A comprehensive range of

O-Rings for multiple uses in

both Metric and Imperial.


Metric Sizes 3 -50mm

Imperial Sizes 0.11 - 1.7"


Code     Description                       Box Qty 


D200    Imperial O-Ring Kit               382

D201    Metric    O-Ring Kit               410

Self Tapping Screws


800 Assorted Pan Head

Self Tapping Screws.  

6 - 12 Guage.




Code     Description                    Box Qty 


D204    Self Tapping Screw Kit        800

Fibre Washers


A comprehensive range of

Fibre washers for multiple

uses in both Metric & Imperial.  


Metric Sizes 9 - 24mm

Imperial Sizes 3/8 - 1"


Code     Description                        Box Qty 


D207    Imperial Fibre Washer Kit      610 

D208    Metric Fibre Washer Kit          600                 

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