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The FM PRODUCTS’ cable clip range provides a quick, one-piece fixing for cables. They are designed for both internal and external uses


Main Advantages & Benefits



  • Will resist fading in direct sunlight.

  • Will not crack in extreme cold weather.

  • A longer length through hardened masonry nail enables fixing to light masonry as well as timber and nail plugs. See nail plug specification sheet

  • Each clip is specifically designed for one size of cable and will “grip” the cable enabling pre setting.

  • Strengthened pin holder built to withstand the final hammer blow.

  • A wide range of sizes and colours to suit all needs.

Fixing Method


Can be hammered direct into all timber and lightweight masonry, for all harder materials, i.e. 
concrete etc, an FM Products’ Nail Plug should be used.



Cable Clips

Round Clip


Clip Red

13x6 Siamese

14x7 Brown

FT&E Grey

4 Core STV

Clip Lock Pipe Clips, Clip Lock Pipe Clip, Pipe Clip, Cable Clips, not the Unifix pipe clips, The ORIGINAL CLIP LOCK PIPE CLIP, Not the UNIFIX pipe clip, not the Unifix Clip Lock, 15mm Clip Lock Pipe Clips, 22mm Clip Lock Pipe Clips, not the unifix cable clips

All specifications are illustrative only and do not constitute recommendations by the manufacturers. Users must satisfy themselves as to the correct product and specification required. The manufacturers do not accept any liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

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