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Round Cable Clips Unifix

Round White Unifix


Code     Description       Pack Qty


C201    3.5mm White        1000

C202    4.5mm White        1000

C203    5.0mm White        1000

C204    6.0mm White        1000

C205    7.0mm White        1000

C206    9.0mm White        1000

C207    11.0mm White        100




Round Black Unifix


Code     Description       Pack Qty


C210    4.5mm Black          1000

C211    5.0mm Black          1000

C212    6.0mm Black          1000

C213    7.0mm Black          1000

C214    9.0mm Black          1000

C215    11.0mm Black          100

C216    14.0mm Black          100




Hardened extra long pins. Countersunk pin holder to prevent splitting. Internal grips hold cable in place. Pins will drive into masonry and plasterboard.

Boxed in 100’s shrunk wrapped in 1000’s
* Boxed in 100’s not shrink wrapped.




Round Brown Unifix


Code     Description          Pack Qty


C217    3.5mm Brown            1000

C218    4.5mm Brown            1000

C219    6.0mm Brown            1000

C220    7.0mm Brown            1000








Wiring Grommets


Used to protect the cable as it passes through a metal back boxUnifix


Code     Description       Pack Qty


Z120      20mm                  100

Z121      25mm                  100




Flat Twin & Earth Cable Clips Unifix

FT&E Grey Unifix


Code     Description         Pack Qty


C100   1.0mm (7 x 4)            1000

C101   1.5mm (9 x 5)            1000

C102   2.5mm (10 x 5)          1000

C103   4.0mm (13 x 6)          1000

C104   6.0mm (14 x 7)          1000

C105   10.0mm (18 x 9)        1000* C116   16.0mm                      100



FT&E Black Unifix


Code     Description        Pack Qty


C112   2.5mm (10 x 5)         1000

C113   4.0mm (13 x 6)         1000

C114   6.0mm (14 x 7)         1000







FT&E Brown Unifix


Code     Description        Pack Qty


C115   6.0mm (14 x 7)         1000








FT&E White Unifix


Code     Description         Pack Qty 

C107   1.5mm (9 x 5)            1000

C108   2.5mm (10 x 5)          1000

C109   4.0mm (13 x 6)          1000

C110   6.0mm (14 x 7)          1000





Double FT&E Grey Unifix


Code     Description         Pack Qty


C120   1.5mm Double          1000


While stocks last



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