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Fixing Plugs

Also known in the trades as: Rawl Plugs, Wall Plugs, 

Material: Made from high density polyethylene, which will not shrink or rot and withstands variant temperatures and damp environments.


Main Advantages & Benefits:

  • Grade of polyethylene used is self lubricating which means the screw is less likely to bind in the plug. Thus providing a fast and durable screw fixing for masonry and concrete.

  • One plug and drill accepts several screw sizes which means fewer drill sizes are needed when a range of screw sizes is used.

  • Two-way expansion and smooth sides give a high degree of anchorage by maximising hole surface contact. 

  • Plugs have a lip around the top to prevent loss of plug down slightly over-drilled holes.

  • Plugs have lateral ribs under the heads to prevent the plug spinning in the hole.

  • Designed for use with a twin threaded, parallel shank wood screw. 


Popular sizes used throughout the industry:

  • Red Plugs are the main plug used by Electricians; they also use the Brown Plug for heavier fitments and will also use the Yellow Plug for smaller, lighter fitments. Most trades use Red Plugs to some extent.

  • Brown Plugs are the main plug used by Plumbers, Builders and Joiners/Shopfitters: all of these trades will use Red Plugs for lighter fitments.

Possible variation in drill diameters

The above chart gives the standard plug and drill size recommendations in general use. However, for any given plug, a combination of the smallest screw size in a soft substrate or the largest screw size in a hard substrate would require a change in drill sizes: 
i.e.  Brown Plug with a No.10 screw in soft block would require a 6.5mm or even a 6.0mm drill bit
       Brown Plug with a No.12 screw in concrete would require an 8.0mm drill bit


All specifications are illustrative only and do not constitute recommendations by the manufacturers. Users must satisfy themselves 
as to the correct product and specification required. The manufacturers do not accept any liability for any loss or damage 
howsoever caused.

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