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Sealants & Adhesives

General Purpose



All weather use.
Mould resistant.
For Internal & External use.



Code     Description          Box Qty


G710    White                             25

G711    Clear                              25

G712    Black                              25

G713    Brown                            25

S3 Premium Sanitary Silicone


Specially formulated for 
bathrooms and kitchens. 
Fungal resistant to protect against mildew


Code     Description           Box Qty


G700    White 280ml                  25

G701    Clear  280ml                  25


MS Polymer


A high-tech durable sealant and adhesive that is free from solvents and isocyanates.

Bonds to damp surfaces even under water.

Odourless, contains Fungicide.

Paintable, Anti-Pick, Non-Staining


Code     Description           Box Qty


G620    White                           12

G621    Crystal Clear               12

Expanding Foam


High thermal & acoustic 
Good adhesion.
Internal & external use.
Can be sanded and painted.



Code     Description            Box Qty


G301    Hand Held Foam          12


G304    Gun Grade Foam          12


G305    Gun Foam Cleaner       12



Decorators Filler


Smooth finish.
Internal use.




Code     Description         Box Qty


G720    White                          25


Saves Nails Building Adhesive


High bond strength.
Fast cure.
Instant grip.
Gap filling.


Code     Description          Box Qty


G740    Saves Nails                    25

G303    Saves Nails                    25                 Solvent Free



Hi Temp Silicone


Withstands high temperatures 
up to 285*C. Seals elastic 
joints which require a high 
temperature resistance. 
gaskets, furnaces, flues etc.
For internal and external use.


Code     Description         Box Qty


G730   Hi Temperature          12

              Sealant Acetoxy


Decorating Filler


Ultra lightweight and ready mixed. featuring microscopic glass spheres encapsulated by a water based resin.


Ultra lightweight, Zero shrinkage, Crack resistant. Fills deep holes, Quick drying, Interior/Exterior use

Mould resistant


Code     Description         Box Qty


G630    White 500ml                12


Silicone & Foam Guns         


Suitable for all our 
cartridge applied 
adhesives, fillers 
and sealants.



Code     Description                            Qty


G403    Silicone Gun 400ml                    1

G401    Foam Gun Steel                          1

G402    Foam Gun Teflon Coated          1



Mitre Kit

A high strength bonding system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive with an aerosol activator to ensure full and rapid curing on acid surfaces.

Can be used for bonding MDF, wood, rubber and most plastics. Instant bonding properties considerably reduce assembly times for mitre joints especially where precision instant bonding is required.

Cures in approximately 10 seconds.

Pack includes 1 tin of Activator (200ml) and 1 bottle of HVC Superglue (50g).



Code     Description                            Kit Qty

A110      Mitre Bonding Kit                      1

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