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We have built a range of products in FM PRODUCTS that we will only sell to distributors. These products primarily suit the construction trades such as Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Aerial and Satellite installers. We will, as the FM PRODUCTS’ business grows, develop our range in to a wider offering for the construction trades, but can potentially manufacture any product which would present us with the chance to diversify in to other markets.


The manufacturing plant, based in the West Midlands, which employs around 20 full time staff, currently produces a varied range of injection moulded products which are supplied to markets in the construction industry, auto motive industry, electronics industry, water boards and cosmetic companies.












What we stand for;


At FM PRODUCTS, with our direct link to manufacturing, we know we can manufacture, in the UK, a comprehensive range of plastic products and source all our raw materials and packaging from UK and EU suppliers. Where we have a viable option, we will source our raw materials from local businesses as our primary choice. We will never scrimp on the quality of our products, packaging or logistics provision. Our service to our customers is the main driver for all our business decisions.

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