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New Coloured Clip-Link 

Clip Range 

July 2019


New Munsen Rings

July 2019


New Rubber Clips

July 2019


Unifix Style Pipe Clip
Red abd Brown Plugs
Shower Kits
Knock on pipe clips
Rosettes for covering holes
P620 15mm Red Clip Link website.jpg
Full range of Cable Clips
Full range on Cable Clips
Plug and Screw Tubs
Talon style Pipe Clip
P640 Flexi Clip Blue website.jpg
Duct Tape
Site Storage
O Ring Kits
Comprehnsive range of hole saws
School board clip chrome website.jpg
S3 Silicone
Bond It Wipes
Retractable Knife
C700 Carpet Protector website.jpg
M400 Rubber Lined Clip website.jpg
M312 Munsen Ring Chrome website.jpg
M500 Copper Saddle.jpg
M300 Munsen Ring Brass website.jpg